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Partner with Imvula for Real Empowerment

Our solutions benefit your B-BBEE scores while simultaneously providing disadvantaged
youth with education and economic opportunities.

  • Evergreen solution, we partner for the long term and will not abandon you after a few short years.
  • Benefit from Imvula’s reputation and the broad-based, education-focused nature of our solutions.
  • Independent valuation ensures fair value.
  • R300m cash fund for acquiring an equity stake in your business.
  • Two ownership funds available – one 100% black South African women-owned, and one 100% black with 50% women ownership.
  • Gain access to our extensive network of major corporate partners to help you build your business revenue top line.
  • Enjoy business-to-business discounts from other companies within the Imvula family.
  • Enjoy preferential access to a substantial pool of high-quality business graduates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Never lose another pitch or tender due to B-BBEE.
  • Gain a competitive edge when submitting quotes for contracts or government tenders.
  • Achieve your B-BBEE objectives at the lowest total cost through our one-stop solution to help you achieve the maximum points.
  • Reduce the time and cost of B-BBEE compliance with 48-hour to six-week implementation.
  • Get free training, evaluation and B-BBEE consulting*.
  • Invest in real empowerment, making you, your employees and your customers proud.
  • Engage in real B-BBEE that changes lives – 10,000% measurable social ROI (return on investment).
  • Build your reputation as a socially responsible South African organisation among your employees and customers.
  • Receive a set number of free bursaries worth over R100,000 each for your employees’ family members and youth, supported through your Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes.
  • Help your employees get hands-on involvement in social responsibility projects, thereby improving morale and staff retention.
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Ownership beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of all partnerships with the Imvula Educational Empowerment Fund are black, unemployed and disadvantaged youth that are given a package of support facilitated by the Maharishi Institute. They are provided with a comprehensive career package that facilitates true lifelong empowerment, including access to a university-level business degree, industry-recognised vocational skills qualifications, full-time employment, personal development, soft skills training and ongoing hands-on coaching and mentorship.  The combination of the degree, with the work experience and personal development obtained while completing their studies, ensures that close on 100% of them will have jobs when they finish their studies.

As owners, Imvula and its family of organisations have been able to change the lives of thousands of young people. These organisations have educated over 17,250 unemployed youth ‘out of poverty’; youth now working in jobs with combined annual salaries in excess of R1 billion, and with combined estimated lifetime earnings of over R27,2 billion.

Below are some of the young people who are on their way to becoming professional, economically active citizens

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Success stories

In order to really get a feel for the students that move through MI, take a look at the life stories of some of our graduates. Each story is an amazing tale of a life changed from poverty to success.

<strong>Clerence Mkansi</strong>
Clerence Mkansi
Clerence grew up in a lower class area – Bushbuck Ridge, Mpumalanga, and is the first person in his family to ever achieve a tertiary education.…
<strong>Tshepang Mabunda</strong>
Tshepang Mabunda
I was always a quiet person, but I became more sociable throughout the years while at the Maharishi Institute. Working at Invincible Outsourcing exposed me to the world…
<strong>Jacob Senomade</strong>
Jacob Senomade
At that time I heard about MI on the radio and applied online. I went to the open day and heard Dr Blecher speaking about the opportunity to become something great…